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TEEN Bikini Beach Model

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Helpful advice in starting out as a Teen Model

teen Model Shoot Bikini Model

The questions your Mom should ask!

It would be wise for "wannabe-model" hopefuls to follow some simple rules, especially when contacting somebody on the internet, as there is a lot of bad out there and you should be aware of this.

You will also notice that when Yulia contacted me by e-mail, I would only make arraignments with her Mom, not with the under age wannabe model.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of these safety rules, Yulia's Mom had this to say.

"I thought you could place another chapter to your on-line instructions for 'wanna-be-a-model', something like "Security tip", meaning to make an appointment in a popular place, full of people, to speak to people so that they will be able to remember some information about you, to wear something red or bright, eye catching, (I always put a red shirt on my boy when he is out for an excursion for teachers to pay attention), to let your family know at all times, about your schedule and the things like that".

For further advice please read our 'wannabe model' page.

But you know, although Mom is a very important part of the day, a "Wanna be Model", has to show some initiative.

This 14 year old teen bikini model Yulia, did just that and emailed me when she knew I would be in Israel, to ask for advice.

She told me she had that 'Special Look', but needed more shooting experience. This was lucky as I was looking for a new face for a beach shoot and this young teen model was just ideal for our website pages.

photos by: Roger Lewis '2003 - 2011'

TEEN bikini - Beach Shoot

On the 'teen bikini beach shoot' location the weather was still hot but a little cloudy at times, it was almost the last of the Summer and the end of August. As you can see from the first two images of our "Teen Bikini Beach Shoot" with 14 year old model Yulia, the grey sky had turned the ocean into a magic backdrop. Lovely Images.

Teen Bikini Beach Shoot

Teen Beach - Teen bikini

TEEN bikini beach shoot

At a "Teen Bikini Beech Shoot" I have yet to meet a model's Mom as good as this, she was dedicated in seeing that her 14 year old 'Wanna-be a Model' daughter was on the right track for a modeling career.

Teen bikini beach shoot

Teen bikini beach shoot

The meeting had been arraigned
for our 'Bikini Shoot' model Yulia and her Mom to meet up with me at 3.30pm. at the shopping moll and after some brief introductions, we headed off to our favorite beach location.

Mom had arrived with outfits and props for our "Bikini Beech Shoot" session and was constantly on hand helping model Yulia, taking care of hair styling and clothes.

Teen bikini beach shoot

Teen bikini model beach shoot

Teen bikini beach shoot

If all "Teen Bikini Beech Shoot" models had a Mom like this, then their daughters chances of success in modeling are greatly increased.

I suggested that I could shoot some test shots of her, but first I wanted to speak to Mom to make the arraignments for the 'teen bikini beach shoot'.

Teen bikini beach shoot

Teen beach shoot

Teen beach shoot

Photographers please note: This is the only way you should proceed, especially if your shooting a young teen bikini model. You will also need a "minor Model Release" form which has to be signed by the parent or guardian in the case of a minor up to the age of 18, after the 'Teen Bikini Beach Shoot', or modeling session is over.

After our 'Teen bikini beach shoot', Yulia's Mom asked me what did I think about her daughters chance of more modeling work, this is what I replied in my e-mail:

"Having now reviewed the photographs I have this to add, tell Yulia that she inspired me to take great images. She is the closest thing to a professional model, that I've seen in weeks."

Teen Fashion Model shoot

TEEN Fashion Model shoot

TEEN Fashion Model shoot

Yulia's Mom came up with the props for this fashion shoot and provided the tennis clothes for the above pictures.

Only one problem we were at the beach, ready for our 'teen bikini beach shoot' and miles away from the nearest tennis courts. So I said no problem we'll improvise and use the parking lot.

These images were shot first before we let our 'Teen bikini beach shoot' model loose on the beach, which was a good thing really, before her make-up was washed away by the ocean.

UK photographer Roger Lewis
UK Photographer
Roger Lewis

Teen bikini beach shoot

Teen bikini beach shoot

Finally: Thanks to our new 'Bikini beach shoot' model Yulia and a special thanks for Yulia's Mom for her help.

The end of the day of our beach shoot -
"And another star was born"!


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